About Us

“We are around here, in the small village of Saggart, Sharing the pleasure of good quality Italian and Mediterranean food with our customers. A visit to our cosy restaurant for lunch or dinner will be a delicate drive through the passion and excitement of cooking. Classic Italian and Mediterranean cooking in our place is the best, our secret high quality ingredients cooked extremely simply; That’s it. Mixing different ingredients to each special dish of any so called fine dining restaurant is just a simple and tremendous trip that is worth taking.


Here, at Carpe Diem our chef knows better than anyone else how to combine a great piece of beef in a dish with our tasty sauce. Our starters and main courses exemplify this understanding of simplicity and seasoning, the best way to make the fine ingredients sing: our ravioli is delicate and tasty, our steak is purely bursting with flavour, all our pasta dishes are flagrant and subtle in flavour and all of our desserts quite show the delicacy of touch.


Visiting us will give you the great pleasure of the Italian and Mediterranean food at its finest. Just make sure you book in advance and we’ll make sure you have a great time here.”